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When You Can Sense a New Path Opening

April 5, 2012

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I am sensing a new path opening to me. Its been coming for a few days now, well actually I suppose, years, is more honest and real. With all the healing I’ve done, and thought I had done, there is another HUGE piece of my Masterpiece yet to be unveiled and explored.

This also fits in with our topic of Intuition as it has been my Intuition that has been speaking to me of this new path. I’ll share a new way Intuition can communicate, through visions and symbolism.

Today I keep seeing a door of sorts off to my left which diverges from my usual path into a dark forest full of pink blossoms of many varieties. Whenever there is healing to be done there always seems to be a forest for me. Yes, there is symbolism associated with this…:)

Forests can represent the unknown, emotions, the unconscious, and the feminine. In fact each of these applies to my situation on one level or another. The forest I am encountering does not feel scary exactly, simply curious, deep, new, and refreshing. I can feel the fresh, musty, cool air of the forest on my face. It smells ready to accept a new visitor. My Intuition tells me if I choose to enter this space I will find beauty and such healing and freedom here.

The color of the flowers, pink, light pink to be exact, represent love, beauty, self-worth, order, and protection from violence or aggression. Flowers symbolize birth, growth, connection, unity, generosity, and love. There are specific meanings associated with specific flowers, but I just see flowers in general, nothing specific. Sounds like a pretty great place huh. 🙂 I know it is also no coincidence (as I no longer believe in coincidences) that the current season is Spring, the season of birth and growth; nor probably that within the next 2 months, I’ll be giving birth to our fourth child. Each of my children has brought intense healing of some sort. 🙂

I’m scared however. I’m scared of what I’ll discover about myself and mostly I think I’m scared about who I will discover I am and how I’ll need/want to express this in the world once I’ve shed light on this part of me. I’m still excited to find out and so I’ll still step onto this path, lantern and treasure chest in hand, and begin my new journey.

I’m so grateful for the treasures I have which will aide me on my journey and am anticipating discovering some new treasures as well. I’ve always been fascinated by pirates and magic and WOW do I get to engage both of those aspects of me on these journeys I take. I love working on/within me, to heal and remember who I truly am. This time is going to be Spectacular. 🙂

How about you? Are you embarking on any healing journeys right now? Are you looking for some assistance or guidance? I’d love to help. I’ve done this once or twice before. 🙂

Wishing you Peace and Joy this day! 🙂


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